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The Power of Words

I have been going through some of my old files that I have kept for ages. In the process I have discovered many of the inspiring poems and words that I had collected over a number of years. I thought that some of these may be of interest to others so I will post some of my most favourite here. As always, I’d love to hear what you think.

This poem has such a lovely feel. For me, it captures a real and true sense of community and a hopefulness that any one person’s actions, when connected to others, will create change.


from ‘Conflict’


All I can do is drift on the wind,

Concentrate, spinning, trailing the thread of gossamer

That has my distinctive sound.

Anchoring now and then, pulling the thread tight

Twisting secure, mingling notes, as my feet dust the silk of another spinner.

I have never seen the whole web. 

I know it is there.

Each thread strengthening, building with the possibility that some day the web will shake

With joyous dancing. 

There is a cradle of sound that catches me and leads me in that pattern beyond me

That I dance to in my dreams.

A community that gives me life.


Jane Murphy.

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