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Torture by Alice Walker

After having just finished my last blog posting about the defunding of the community sector in Queensland, I was unable to get this poem off my mind – so I offer it here. To me it speaks of social action and the commitment and determination that I have seen in so many activists over the years, and that I too aspire to in my own life. For those of you who

have never read any of Alice Walker’s books or poems (she was of course, the author of the wonderful book The Colour Purple) she is a must on any Christmas reading list!



TORTURE – Alice Walker

When they torture your mother

Plant a tree

When they torture your father

Plant a tree

When they torture your brothers and sisters

Plant a tree

Whey they assassinate your leaders and lovers

Plant a tree

Whey they torture you too bad to talk

Plant a tree

When they begin to torture the trees and cut down the forest you have made

Start another

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