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New Scientist Review of ‘The Body Keeps the Score’

Many of you will already be familiar with Bessel van der Kolk’s new book, ‘The Body Keeps the Score’. In fact Bessel was here in Australia recently doing some training workshops based on his book and his work in general.

New Scientist has just published a review of this book and given it a high recommendation. I think that it is worth noting that the New Scientist is a prestigious publication and it is wonderful to see them reviewing books such as this, although it should also be noted that New Scientist regularly has articles of interest for those of us working in the fields of psychology and social work.

If you haven’t read the book yet, it is well worth a read. I found it engrossing and enlightening even though I am well read in this area. I also think it is suitable for people wanting an entry point into the trauma literature because his writing style is engaging and familiar.

You can buy his book through Open Leaves here in Brisbane or through their online store.

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