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Below are some of my favourite books and web sites as well as some resources that I have developed when delivering training over the years. Please feel free to use them if they might seem relevant to you.


Workers have often asked me to recommend readings for particular areas. I have developed a few reading lists of some of my favourites. Of course these lists are not exhaustive and there are many, many good books and articles out there. If you have particular readings that you have benefitted from, I’d love to hear from you so that I might share them here.

TRAUMA READING LIST: There are some excellent books on trauma that I refer to regularly. You can find the references to some of my favourites here – Trauma References.

FEMINIST SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE READING LIST:  Whilst this reading list is a little old, I still think there is some fine literature here – Feminist Social Work Practice.


There are some great web sites that can inform our work and provide opportunities for training and general information, much of it for free. So this is a list of most favourite and most used web sites to do with practice, especially trauma.

  • The Delphi Centre provides training on trauma related issues around Australia.
  • Open Leaves is a great bookshop specialising in books relating to therapy and trauma. They provide a mail order service and have an extensive catalogue of books on their web page.
  • The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine – NICABM – is an online training centre based in the United States. They provide training videos and programs from some of the big names in trauma and therapy generally.
  • Bruce Perry runs the Child Trauma Academy and they have some excellent resources on their web site – and online training programs as well if you’re particularly interested in working with children who have experienced trauma.
  • Bessel van der Kolk runs the Trauma Centre in Boston and again, there are many free resources and publications on their web site.
  • Janina Fisher has a web site that provides access to some of her resources (she also has a great new book that you can get from Open Leaves). She also runs a webinar program for trauma training specifically for workers in Australia.
  • And finally, one of my favourite authors in the trauma field is Bonnie Badenoch. You can check out her beautiful web page and also access her books through Open Leaves.


This section includes a random selection of resources that I have either developed or collected that seem to be quite popular amongst other workers in the area. I hope you enjoy!

APS Eating Issues and Trauma PD Session

In June 2016 I presented another professional development session to the Australian Psychologist Society College of Educational Psychologists. It was great to be back and we had a lovely evening with lots of interesting discussion. I have attached a copy of the powerpoint slides here.

APS Eating Issues Presentation June 2016

APS Complex Trauma and Children PD Session

In May 2015 I gave a professional development session to the Australian Psychologist Society College of Educational Psychologists. It was a lovely evening with a very engaged and attentive audience – despite a serious weather event! I have attached a copy of the powerpoint slides here.

APS Presentation May 2015

Vicarious Trauma

This handout covers some of the issues raised in training about Vicarious Trauma, most particularly information that I have collated from other sources. It also includes a reference list at the end that has a number of very interesting books, articles and web pages that you might want to follow up on.

Vicarious Trauma Training Handout 2012

10 Tips for Graduating Social Workers

Over the years I have given a number of lectures for graduating students from the Masters of Social Work Qualifying course at Griffith University. A number of people have asked for a copy of this so I have reproduced my powerpoint slides here.

10 Tips for Social Workers Griffith Univ

Principles of Feminist Social Work:

This is a brief description of the Principles of Social Work Practice as I taught them in my Feminist Social Work course at the University of Queensland.

Principles of Feminist Social Work Practice