I am a social worker having trained at the University of Queensland, School of Social Work and Social Policy, graduating in 1986. Since graduation I’ve worked as a youth worker; coordinator of several community based services in the areas of youth accommodation, eating issues, and domestic violence; as a rehabilitation counsellor; as a lecturer in Social Work and Social Policy at the University of Queensland; and more recently, in my own business as a counsellor and consultant. As you will see, there are several different aspects to my private practice. I work primarily as a counsellor with adults and young people and whilst I have a general private practice I tend to specialise in work with those who have experienced trauma in their lives. I also provide a range of consultancy services including professional supervision for individuals and teams and a wide range of services to organisations including planning, facilitation, service evaluations, etc. I very much enjoy providing training to other professional workers in the field and I deliver training programs across a range of areas.

I am a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers, an accredited clinical social worker and an accredited mental health social worker. 

I am also an accredited meditation teacher having trained at the Yarra Valley Living Centre in Victoria and the Eartheart School of Meditation in New South Wales. I have had a long history of meditation and I believe meditation can make a very valuable addition to our lives, our health and healing and our overall wellbeing. The foundation meditation course runs for 8 weeks and is based online so very easy to access from wherever you are. I also offer a range of other mindfulness meditation courses online including mindful self compassion, guided imagery, contemplation, and courses for pain, anxiety and depression. If you are interested in learning how to meditate, have a look at my web page, Meditating Space, where you will find details and dates for meditation courses that I am running.

In addition to my private practice I am actively involved in researching and writing about social issues. I have several writing projects on the go and I enjoy exploring a range of issues relating to social justice and human rights. 

Relatedly, I am involved in running an online site for news, information and discussion about social issues and social change called WITADA: Creating Social Change. WITADA  is an acronym for What I Think And Dream About. We aim to promote awareness and generate discussion about critical social issues in the hope of achieving meaningful and sustainable change to the way we live together.  My hope is that WITADA will be an inspirational site where people who are serious about social change can come together to learn and to develop their ideas and create effective strategies for social action and change. You can go straight to WITADA or to our Facebook page. I hope you enjoy reading and participating.

In both my private practice and my research my overall aim is the same – to explore ways of creating a more peaceful and equitable world. I am particularly interested in the dynamics of social change, or more particularly, in the forces that inhibit positive change in our own lives and socially / globally. This is the focus of my practice and my writing and I look forward to sharing more of these ideas with you all in the coming times.

Thanks and please let me know if you’d like to make contact and if I can help in any way.